Saturday, June 23, 2012

Monsta Party!

Yesterday, my mom and I babysat my nephew.  He's a totally adorable 5 year old kid who, predictably, is totally unpredictable.  Friday happened to be a totally awesome day for him at our house.  He got here at 10, and went outside for a while, until my mom got too hot (myself being too lamed up with the fun breathing problems to go outside), and they came back in.  Of course he needed something to do, so out came the monsters.

I have this insane pile of monsters/animals sitting on the tv stand.  There are about 10 of them living up there, and when the nephew comes, he has to play with them.  All of them.  So he gets them all, and piles them on the couch, and does whatever he does when they hang out together.  When his mom came to get him, I asked him to clean up.  This was his version of cleaning up:
I don't know what I like more about this picture, the dragon looking like he's yelling "Don't come it!", the monkey looking like she's had waaaaaaaaay too much to drink, or all of the others lounging there like they won't be able to get up for the next ten years.  Thanks, buddy.

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