Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Motivation, but no luck.

I have not been having good luck knitting lately.  I still haven't finished all the pieces for my alien pattern,  having pretty much lost the mojo on that for the moment.  I have two failed projects within the week, as well.  First, I worked on my Bella Botanica for 3 weeks.  Everything was going beautifully, I'd finished the number of repeats of chart 1, having no problems at all with the chart/stitch count, until I started chart 2.  Somehow, I was about 10 stitches short for the left side of the shawl.  How does that happen without my noticing????  Seriously.  So that's been frogged, and is living in a project bag for the moment.

Then I started a Artemis Cowl, which I was calling Ice Cream Cowl because I'm using Manos del Uruguay Silk Blend in Spumoni, which reminds me of Neopolitan ice cream.  I did okay on the slip stitch border, until I started the pattern and was....5 stitches short?  I triple counted the cast on!!!  Whatever; I suck at math.  I restarted.  Found a factory knot in my yarn!! in which they apparently knotted together 2 different dye lots of Spumoni together.  The pink was more saturated after the knot, there was more of the "vanilla" color, and there was actually the occasional green showing up.  I decided I didn't care, and kept going.  Halfway through the third repeat, I unconciously decided to stop doing the plain knit row, and start decreasing on half of the cowl, throwing off my decreases completely, and since it was fun time lace, not complicated, but still lace, and we're talking about 60 stitches off over 6 rows, I had to frog.  Joy. 

Sunday, July 1, 2012

New Pattern in the Works

I'm working on a new pattern that I'll be releasing in the future, for free, of course.  I got a lovely yarn in the mail the other day that I decided was perfect for my new design idea.  It will be another toy with nothing too complicated as far as construction goes.  I've finished with the main part of the body, and now I'm working on the other parts.  Can't wait until it is finished!  Hopefully I will be able to find some test knitters to try it out.