Tuesday, January 31, 2012

New Monster Book!

Today, I got my new monster pattern book, More KnitWits.  It looks awesome!!  There are 3 patterns I know I want to knit right away:  Brody, Tony, and Pablo.  Brody is a green monster with horns who wanted to be an astronaut, Tony is a Baldwin-like monster who likes to talk, and Pablo is a bull.  My nephew wants me to knit the shark and fish combo, too.  I can't wait to try out these new patterns.  The monsters/critters in this book are knit from the top down it seems like, so that will be a change from Danger patterns.  They also have more felt accents, and are just as totally cute. 

Otherwise knitting, I sent out Giving Tony today.  Better picture here:

I also sent out my swap package, yay!  Can't post that picture, yet, though.  Shhhhhhhhh.

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