Friday, May 4, 2012

Using Yarn Scraps

I have a lot of sock yarn scraps.  Not as many as some people, because I tend to get bored knitting socks, but I have a lot.  At first, I thought about doing one of those sock yarn blankets, but then I looked at people's projects, and saw that they took insane amounts of time, like 2 years!! 

2 years?!?  If I get bored knitting the 2nd sock, I knew there was no way I was going to be able to work on a sock yarn blanket for 2 years.  I did like the idea of mitred squares, though, so I started knitting up my scraps into a stole.  I have enough scraps to do that without begging other people for their leftovers, too, which is nice.  I have 25 squares done, in a nice block of 5 x 5 squares.  I like picking up stitches for each square as I go along, too, cutting out the insanely awful task of sewing them together.  I think I'm using about 15 different yarns, so it's diverse, but not too crazy.  Some of the scraps have quite a bit of yarn left, too.

The other reason I picked the mitred square stole is that I am absolutely, beyond a doubt, terrified of hexipuffs.  I can't think of anything more terrifying than knitting an insane amount of hexipuffs, tying them together, then sleeping under that blanket only to have the whole thing fall apart, and hexipuffs going everywhere.  It just doesn't seem like a sturdy idea to me.  Also, I like not having to knit tiny things in round.

So I continue to truck away on my stole, with plans to block it and then back it with black velvet or velour to make a nice, thick, warm winter wrap. 

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